Blog: Living With Gigantomastia

“I tell my husband the news. Surprisingly, he doesn’t take it well. Who would think that a man wouldn’t at least find it mildly interesting that his wife will have ever-growing breasts?! He tells me to get the reduction ASAP. Insurance won’t cover it and we can’t afford it. This leads to fighting.

Currently, as I write this post, I am adjusting my 42J bra’s strap. I’m still 5’1″, but I’m closer to 255 lbs now. I wear a XXXL T shirt, and XXL leggings and panties. My new measurements are 42/34/44. I’m still a teapot. I’m still proud to be short and stout ;).”

Living With Gigantomastia – The changes in my life after being diagnosed (

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